Are you ready for the CQC’s new single assessment framework?

Storing your evidence is simple with Be Outstanding’s software

Start to use our straightforward tools so that you and your team can prepare for the CQC’s new inspection framework.


View each individual quality statement and associated Regulations


Securely upload your evidence to each quality statement and assign the relevant evidence category


Send your reports or grant remote login to CQC Inspectors, local authorities and your other stakeholders


Be Outstanding’s leading research which reveals key themes identified in Outstanding rated CQC assessments


Guidance on evidence and practice from respected care experts


Multiple user access, for collaborative evidence gathering approach


Person centred evidencing - enables the people you support to contribute


Have remote oversight of the evidence each service is collating in real-time

Be Outstanding App examples

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    “The Evidence Summary report within the Be Outstanding software brings our evidence together in a methodical and visually appealing document where evidence can be viewed at the click of a button…

    …Our wider team are becoming involved with the software now and not only can they take more accountability for presenting outstanding evidence, but they can also learn more about the KLOE’s and what outstanding practice looks like as they use the software.”

    Bluebird Care Logo

    Sheree Jenman

    Bluebird Care, Leeds North

    “It is a fantastic tool that is going to take the social care sector by storm!”

    Cera Logo

    Amanda Hillerby

    Head of Quality, Cera

    “It’s a fantastic piece of software for the care sector. I saw the value in ‘Be Outstanding’ the first moment I saw it. Our managers love it!”

    Apollo Care

    Cheryl White

    CEO, Apollo Care Franchising Ltd.

    “Support Solutions would highly recommend the use of the Be Outstanding Software, we have found it to be a tool we would no longer wish to be without. It keeps you focused and guides you to be nothing but outstanding.

    We hope the team who developed it can get it across all care companies so we can all be working towards delivering nothing but the best 100%.”

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    Catherine McClure

    MD, Support Solutions

    Providing evidence for the CQC has just got easier…

    Be Outstanding care quality software is a research driven, easy to use technology solution for care providers.

    Mapped against the CQC’s Key Questions and new quality statements, we take away the guesswork – our published research has identified the types of evidence which the CQC consistently identifies as Outstanding.

    Our software helps you to clearly demonstrate that your care management, practice, and documentary evidence is in direct alignment with the CQC Outstanding rated services across the country.

    Be Outstanding software therefore supports you in identifying where to focus your valuable time, the type of evidence most associated with Outstanding services and provides an easy to use database for recording that evidence.

    Built with leading care quality research

    Behind the care quality software is leading research which will help you to provide Outstanding care.

    We took all the Outstanding CQC social care reports within a 12-month period, isolating the individual feedback based on each Key Question. This was then segmented by the service type e.g. care at home, residential home.

    The result was over 100 Focus Points that these Outstanding care providers used to achieve the very best CQC rating, along with other key data that would be useful to any care provider.

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