Evidencing Your Practices: Oral Hygiene

by | 15 May 2023

In this Masterclass, Hilary Spilsbury, examines the relevant aspects of evidence-based practice using Oral Hygiene as a case study and considers the implications for safe care and treatment.

When Hilary carries out inspections around the country, she recognises that most care providers are doing really good work, however, they are not perhaps showing or capturing what they are doing.

Hilary therefore reviews the evidence base for Oral Hygiene and how you can evidence safe care and treatment. Exploring the barriers and identifying best practice and recent developments in Oral Hygiene, Hilary asks you to consider your approach to improvement and considers practice issues and a variety of approaches.

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About Hilary

Hilary Spilsbury, Quality and Safeguarding Practitioner has over 30 years nursing experience and is a nurse educator who specialises in quality assurance and inspection, working with older people.

Who are Be Outstanding and how can their software help?

Be Outstanding provides care quality software to the social care sector such as care homes and home care organisations.

The software helps users quickly capture and showcase evidence of their Outstanding care so that they can easily provide this to the CQC. 

In addition, users are provided with research on what CQC inspectors have identified as Outstanding practice and guidance on areas to focus on in order to reach an Outstanding rating.

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