Why is My Care Service Not Achieving the Rating that it Deserves?

by | 18 May 2023

Our latest Masterclass examines whether the care that you are providing actually is Good.

Understanding the Key Questions and Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOES) will enable you to know what standards your care service needs to reach. In addition, you can then benchmark your services effectively against them.

[Update May 2023: The KLOES will be replaced later this year by the use of Quality Statements and a similar approach to clearly identifying what is required and assessing your services against the Quality Statements will therefore be required.]

Karen Ritson, a former CQC Inspector and member of the Outstanding Ratings Board, describes in the latest Be Outstanding Masterclass why you should carry out your own internal audits and describes how the CQC will carry out their inspections.

Some service providers state that they don’t want to spend time auditing when they should be delivering great care, however, Karen notes that thinking you provide a great service and actually doing it are two different things.

Care providers need to demonstrate that they are providing the appropriate levels of care to get a Good rating from the CQC. Whilst you are auditing and assessing this, you may find that the care you are providing could actually be improved.

Carrying out an inspection of your own service will help you identify your best evidence for the CQC and highlight what needs to change for the better so that you provide safe, better quality care for people.

Information provided in this Masterclass includes what you should include in a comprehensive inspection and gathering together your best examples to show to the CQC. This means that your inspection results become part of your evidence base – inspection results, report, action plan and improvements that you make as a result all provide evidence of a well-managed, well-led service and can contribute to a Good or Outstanding rating.

It’s important to consider how your service will record and save its evidence for inspection – whether for an in-house inspection or for a CQC inspection. How confident are you that you can easily present your best evidence for each of the Key Questions because you have prepared it in advance?

Be Outstanding’s system means that you can have your best evidence at your fingertips. It is a secure, cloud-based system and allows contributions to be made from members of staff, clients that you support, family members and others. Information can be stored and shared in reports and is ready for your next audit or inspection.

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Who are Be Outstanding and how can their software help?

Be Outstanding provides care quality software to the social care sector such as care homes and home care organisations.

The software helps users quickly capture and showcase evidence of their Outstanding care so that they can easily provide this to the CQC. 

In addition, users are provided with research on what CQC inspectors have identified as Outstanding practice and guidance on areas to focus on in order to reach an Outstanding rating.

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